Judicial discrimination when ordering preventive detention to poor and Mapuche people

Chilean prison

Mapuches and poor people are more likely to be in jail. What seems like a common sense conclusion in a country like Chile.
Poor people have between 3.3% and 9.5% more likely to be in jail regard people with enough money to pay bail.
This percentage increases when it refers to people belonging to the Mapuche people. These have between 3.3% and 25% chance of being temporarily in jail during the investigation, in relation to other people.
Not always the preventive detention imprison the guilty, statics say that 90% of detainees who receive preventive detention are eventually innocent, that is, only 10% of those affected must serve effective punishment.
In this way, the study showed that, to the people who have to comply with preventive detention, even if later they have been innocent, they are reduced by 12% the salary perspective, while their probability of being hired for a job, It drops by 7% with regard to those who have not been in preventive detention.