Policeman shot a Mapuche boy 17 years old in Chile

Sergeant Second Cristian Rivera

Brandon Hernández Huentecol received more than 180 lead shots.

Brandon Isaac Hernández Huentecol received more than 180 lead shots in his 17-year-old body nearly two years ago. 30 of them remain in his body, raising the levels of lead in his blood every day, which condemn him to future illness.

It is very usual that young people go out to the field and then come to knock on the door to tell their parents that they were shot. It is a reality that is living in the Mapuche conflict zone.

Brandon can no longer do the work he did, cannot help at home, use of excessive strength for his chances takes him to the hospital the next day. he pukes, do something that needs strength makes to him feels sick. Brandon can not do normal life as a young man in the field because he still has thirty lead pellets in his abdomen. Thirty of the one hundred and eighty that came with the cartridge that a Police decided to shoot in his body, in his hip, in the bone of his hip, where a hole was opened that allowed to scatter the black pellets that cut in countless pits his flesh inside. He has three hurts, between twenty and thirty centimeters.
The quadriceps are atrophied, he feels his right leg asleep, where he was shot. The high rate of steel and lead contained in the thirty pellets embedded in his body is poisoning his blood, and the aftermath, these can become abrupt cancer in the future. In cancer or in any other disease that sounds terrible. Because if the normal blood lead rate for a child is digit three, and for an adult, it is five, Brandon’s tests already record fifteen.

In Chile, no doctor dares to take the pellets.
They are in areas so sensitive that getting out of it is impossible. That is why the mind is set in Cuba. In Cuba or in Switzerland. There are more advanced technologies that will not hurt Brandon in the attempt. But for now, there is no money. There is still no compensation, there is still no justice. It is not yet time to stop the sequels that are incubating without return. The vicious massacre of that awakening prior to Christmas 2016 still beats.

A brief account of how the events occurred on December 18, 2016:

A policeman takes the head of his younger brother named Isaias, grabs him by his hat, another by the neck and puts him on the ground. Brandon hears the screams of his younger brother and runs to his rescue.
Release my brother! Leave him alone, he has not done anything! Without reaching to finish his claim, Brandon feels for the first time the presence of Cabo Rivera, who takes him by the neck with brute force, turns him over and orders him to throw himself to the ground, furiously affirming his shotgun. He is aiming determined with the gun to Brandon’s chest.
Get on the floor, shit, I’m with rubber balls! policeman said.
While Isaias remains on his knees. Brandon on the floor feels Rivera’s boot on his back. He also manages to hear that the policeman has fired. What will this “paco” (slang word means that means police) do?
Suddenly, Brandon notices the presence of Patricio Villagra, the policeman in charge of the operation, who is also a friend of the family. Villagra, is a christian and frequents the church of the village Las Águilas. Here I’m saved, thinks Brandon, and yells at his policeman friend.
Look how they have treated us! Brandon said.
But his friend does not do anything. He turns around and Brandon hears him laugh. With Rivera’s boot still on his column, Brandon begins to get the idea of spending a night in jail. Suddenly he hears a noise made by the shotgun seconds go by when he begins to feel a pain that he never imagined, Rivera has shot less than thirty centimeters away, and on the right hip, a deep hole has been opened from which a jet of blood. Brandon screams out of himself, the pain has unhinged him, alerting all the neighbors who have already heard the shot and who start to leave.
All this in front of the eyes of his younger brother.
But the worst has not happened. Brandon hears that Rivera, still on his back, passes bullet again, and senses that he will be shot again. At that moment, Villagra, the Christian “brother”, said, “you have fucked it up, we had everything under control!”

The Chilean justice is making an investigation for the fact but “Carabineros”(the police in Chile) and policeman Cristián Rivera Silva is not collaborating, showing a deficiency in the investigation and lack of seriousness on the situation.
This man had a history of having been convicted of shooting a partner in a proceeding, and also faced a lawsuit for death threats against his wife. Just one year and a month after the bullet, the second sergeant remains under total house arrest, one year and one month later. Two years of the attack on Brandon, and the trial has not yet begun.